Thursday, January 13, 2005

Quick Crazy

A few quick Crazy eruptions:

- We're keeping our elephant. Phew.
I will most DEFINITELY let you know when the
world's first elephant treadmill arrives.

With wrist-snapping force are we pushing back the
walls of legal history in the 48th state
we just tried, and acquited, the first murder case
in the entire nation where the defendent was charged
with murder for causing a fatal traffic wreck because
he was watching a DVD in his car.
A guy in Kenai - right next to Soldotna, home to the
patriotic water-thrower
- did some bad driving and
killed a couple of old people. And he did have a DVD
in his car, which COULD be viewed from the drivers
By the way, none of that, including the act of
watching TV while driving, is illegal in the 49th
So the prosecutor wrung him up for Murder.
Apparently, the DA failed to present any evidence
that he was actually watching the TV.
So he walked.
Now, i see that logic, but i kinda have to squint
because... he absolutely killed those people. Not a
contested fact.
But he killed them while NOT watching TV, so it's
not murder. hmmm....
Pay special attention to the parts about the
winking cops.