Thursday, January 13, 2005

Crazy Homer

we did a water jump in Homer - that's parachuting into the ocean then getting in a boat and going into the port at Homer, which is a small fishing town that more or less lives on fishing

water temp: 34.
air temp: 28.

better to be in the water. really. Anyway, we pull into the Homer marina, which is choked but still passable with ice, and there is a long, mand-made rock jetty. just a 500 yard long pile of big rocks. and on top of every single rock along the jetty was a bald eagle. at least 50 of them. that was cool.

So after we tie up our freezing boat, surrounded by floating ice, shivering in our top-tier winter-diving gear, we pull out of the parking lot, trying to warm up and the business in the first building is:
Alaska Fish Freezing.

Well, yes - yes they are! Goodnight folks!