Thursday, September 28, 2006

Crazy sings the blues

Apparently, somebody decided everybody was having too much fun in Crazy.

the toughest football coach in America died after heart surgery last week. Let's take a moment to appreciate the sublimely named Buck Nystrom, whose legacy matches his name. Coaching in the 40-below-in-November Fairbanks area, first at tiny Eielson and then nearby North Pole (!), Nystrom won two state titles. He remains the only non-Anchorage coach ever to win State. He died after heart surgery last week, which is ridiculous because anybody who coaches North Pole High school to a state title ain't lackin' heart.

Here's one for ya: When Nystrom won his second title with North Pole, they trounced several Anchorage teams in the playoffs (needles to say, Anchorage, with its huge schools, is the giant black hole at the center of Alaska high school sports). Afterwards, Nystrom would tell people it was his first real title because when he won it all with Eielson, their path that year hadn't gone through any Anchorage teams.