Monday, August 07, 2006

8% of domestic Oil, 100% of domestic Crazy

The World's All-Time/All-Comers/Retire the Trophy/Grand Mullah Champion
of "Blandness of Name-times-Power Wielded", John Browne, CEO of
British Petroleum for the last 13 years, was in Anchorage recently.

Though you may suspect he wanted a shot at our late-arriving Salmon
run, it turns out he dropped by to - a deep breath may be in order here
- SHUT DOWN Prudhoe Bay!


That's 8-percent of US oil production, and the US is 10 percent of
world supply!

I'm no economist but- wait, I almost am an economist, and my Laffer
curve sure hopes you filled up your tanks this past weekend. And maybe
bought a good bike.

Big Crazy. But there's also some BP CEO-Small Crazy to soak in, too.

Mr. Browne - or rather, LORD Browne, thankee - is one of the top -
what? - 100? 50? 20? CEOs on earth. Unimaginable wealth, lecturer to
Kings and Presidents, an oil imperialist of the highest order,
conquests all over the world. In fact, I direct your attention to the
link below - the BP press release on the shutdown - and to the title of
the next BP release listed: "BP Hosts Blair and Schwarzenegger Climate
Change Meeting"
On the Juice scale, I think we can safely put ol' John in the "You
sendin' Lord Browne? Shit, negro - that's all you had to say!"-Level.

So take the time to read through this interview as he recalls his
younger days in Alaska. He lived off Spenard, the eternal armpit of
You can feel the glee and astonishment as he recalls it all. He may
overthrow governments for breakfast now, but when he lived here, he had
to get up early to even have it.

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