Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Crazy Smoking

Driving down one of our more optimistically named thoroughfares in Anchorage - Northern Lights Blvd - I passed a van.
   From the open driver's window, a small dog was sticking its head out in the wind.
   Driving past, I saw the dog was sitting on the lap of the driver, who was driving with just one hand.
   The window was open, I could see, not for the dog but because the driver was smoking, blowing the smoke out the window.
   He had on only a collared shirt - no gloves, no hat.  We were going 40 MPH.
   It was 12 degrees.
   Three possibilities:  that guy really likes to smokel  he really, really hates smelly cars; he's flat-crazy.
Can you guess which I suspect?